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Refer a Friend

For doTERRA Dollars


Hooked on doTERRA Essential Oils?

Ok, I hear you, and it was inevitable! You are hooked on these oils and can’t do without them.

Did you know doTERRA has a pretty sweet referral program?

So whether you spent up big in BOGO week, or have your heart set on that 200PV Promo, I have you covered.

What does referring a friend look like?

Love the oils and want to tell your friends about them, it is as simple as that and earn 20% of the total PV of their first purchase. For a Home Essentials Kit that is $47, straight to your doTERRA Account. As you are simply referring a friend there are no requirements from you other than sharing your love for the oils.


When you refer a friend, just like you they receive from me:

  • 25% off doTERRA Essential Oils

  • Wild Orange 5ml - if local to Aus

  • Essential Oil Container to begin DIY

  • Welcome Emails

  • Birthday Gift via snail mail

  • Our Team Essential Oil App

  • VIP Facebook Group

  • Membership & Lifestyle Overview with me personally over the phone or Zoom

  • Any special gifts I have on offer to new customers.

doterra Essential Oils Mawson Lakes Adelaide

The Steps to Referring a Friend:

  1. Upgrade from a Wholesale Customer Account to a Wellness Advocate Account. Most people enrol as a Wholesale Customer and only become a Wellness Advocate to benefit from referring a friend or doing a doTERRA business (like me).

  2. Set up a 100PV LRP Order. To earn doTERRA Dollars you need to always have 100PV in your LRP cart. Commission are paid weekly each Monday only to LRP carts with 100PV+ in them. Get help setting up your LRP here.

  3. Process a 100PV+ LRP Order any time throughout the month (I suggest 125-200PV before the 15th to get max free oils). You must do this to keep your doTERRA Dollars from referrals. Good news is, that you don't have to do this every month if you don't want to, just the months you have referred a friend!

  4. Make it known you love oils! Ask your friends if you want them, tell them they get a sweet welcome gift from me if they purchase oils through you this month. Let them know you also get doTERRA Dollars, always good to be transparent with referral programs.

  5. They decide that they do want oils. Plus they want 3 free limited edition oils because who doesn't? So they sign up with a Home Essentials Kit for $330 - practical for the whole family, deals with seasonal stuff, home cleaning, all the emotion and sleep. Plus they get Red Mandarin, Citrus Bloom and Lemon Myrtle which they can keep just for themselves if they like!

  6. You help them set up their order using your doTERRA no instead of mine and the instructions on this page:

  7. They receive their first oils within the week in a pretty purple box.

  8. You receive your $47 doTERRA Dollars in your doTERRA account and can purchase your 200PV order for free oils! Yep that's right $47 straight to your doTERRA Account for each friend who purchases a Home Essentials Kit.

Got questions or just want to understand this a little more? Send me a message!

Please note that referring a friend does not mean you are doing a doTERRA business (though they all start there). Referring a friend is just about your friend benefiting from a product you love and you benefiting from sharing it!

Learn more about doTERRA’s refer a friend to you, aka Fast Start Bonus here.

Don’t have your oils yet but would like to refer a friend?

Here is how you can set up your first order with doTERRA today and start referring ASAP ⤵︎


Step 1: Order Your Home Essentials Kit Today

1. Click on this link

2. Select Join and Save.

3. Choose the country you reside in and select your language.

4. Select ‘Local.'

5. Choose ‘Wellness Advocate’. This will enable you to refer on a friend straight away. Not wanting to refer a friend and just want oils, choose ‘Wholesale Customer’.

6. Enter your personal information (including your Australian Business Number if you have one and are setting up a ‘Wellness Advocate’, leave it blank if you don’t have one).

 7. At ‘Enroller ID’, enter my number: 2251676.  You must enter my number to get my enrolment gift to you, training, oils mentorship, team support and access to the Facebook groups.

9. Then click verify and my name should appear.

10. Set up a password, keep it somewhere safe!

11. Click over to the next page.

12. Select what kit you'd like to order, so you are ready to start your business in the coming months, select the Home Essentials Kit.

13. View totals to calculate cost and any valid promotions will appear.

14. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Home-Essentials-Starter-Kit Doterra Adelaide

Step 2: Check out our resources

The last thing I want for you to have when you receive your oils is that confusion which leads you to leave your brand new Essential Oils in their purple box and not get started with them!

So I have put all our resources for you to with some of my doTERRA FAQs and favourite resources to guide you through the early stages of your Essential Oil use.


Step 3: Tell your friends you have oils on their way and they might want some too!