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Partner with Me

Partner with me to empower yourself and then others to create their

naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with doTERRA Essential Oils.


How I Came to do this doTERRA Business Thing

First, let’s start with my introduction to these little bottles of plant magic.

In late 2014 I commenced my Yoga Teacher Training and was introduced to the amazing doTERRA Essential Oils. This time marked the end of one of the most emotionally challenging times in my life. Starting on the Friday afternoon, in a whirlwind 48 hour period, I’d…

  • Submitted my Honours Thesis.

  • Gotten on a plane to Canberra.

  • Caught up with Defence Force friends.

  • Had a long term, long distance relationship come to an end.

  • Gotten in a car to travel about 2 hours with someone I’d never met before (this is a massive deal for me as a control freak and very anxious passenger).

All to commence my first 200hour Yoga Teacher training on late Sunday afternoon.

During my training I was dealing with a nasty head cold, the aching of a knee which was still healing since my discharge from the Army 10 months earlier, and skin that I was scratching at due to immune system and stress induced eczema and psoriasis.

This training was not something I was at all feeling ready for or something I was even doing to become a Yoga Teacher. I was just there to deepen my own Yoga practise.


But I was there.

I was there to learn, deepen my own Yoga practice and grow. Plus just happen to be in the right place at the right time to encounter these little bottles of plant magic.

Quickly I was introduced to oils to address each of my needs, my stuffy nose and croaky throat, aching knee and itching skin. Oils to calm and even Lavender Essential Oil to add to make a tea once I’d run out of my tea bags.

I left the Yoga training ready to become a Yoga teacher and so desperate to have doTERRA for myself at home. So without really knowing what I was doing I began purchasing online. Now this was not the smartest, or cheapest way to purchase as it wasn’t through my own Wholesale Account. Don’t worry, you won’t make that mistake.

I began using these oils daily for my own physical and mental health and of those around me. I diffused them in my Yoga classes and massaged them into temples during Savasana in that cozy Saturday 7am Yin Yoga class I taught for a while. I love them (and after a little while someone showed me how to get doTERRA at Wholesale, thank goodness!).

doterra Essential Oils Mawson Lakes Adelaide

Fast forward to late 2016 and I was again in transition.


I was in the midst of applying for and accepting a PhD Scholarship, looking for a place of my own and brainstorming how to ensure my business produced the income I needed to support myself through these changes, in a way that made my heart sing.

And then, I remembered, that there was some kind of business opportunity through doTERRA…why not I thought. I love these oils, I share them with those close to me naturally, why not provide them as another tool to my Yoga students to live more empowered?

So it began..

My first doTERRA class was fun and big, but it was a shambles, I was selling retail (another mistake you won’t be making).

But again the point was that I was there, I started, I dove into this new branch of my business in a way that I knew how. Realising though that this wasn’t so sustainable, I went looking for help, I found a mentor in my bigger doTERRA team that I hadn’t realised existed (yep I really was self taught for two years, exploring the oils on my own). I then found the resources doTERRA provides to us for free to build this business and as my PhD was beginning, I really launched my business.

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Adelaide Australia Essential Oils

To today in 2019…

doTERRA Wellness Advocate Adelaide Australia Essential Oils

I have a growing and ambitious team looking to partner with people just like you.

You might be a Yoga student, Yoga teacher, business owner, stressed out PhD student or a Mum searching for a natural solution to the lows of life and a second or new income stream.

People who are:


❋ Self starters.

❋ Ready for more in life.

❋ Passionate about and committed to living healthy.

❋ Passionate about and committed to walking their talk.

❋ Don’t think hard work is a dirty word.

❋ Wanting to create their empowered life and share it with others.


What’s Involved in my doTERRA Business?

I love the work I get to do between Yoga, doTERRA and a newer website creation side of my business.

With doTERRA specifically, I:

❋ Use my oils every single day!

❋ Provide support to my customers, answering their questions, providing them with resources and share how I use my oils with them.

❋ Work with people one on one over coffees sharing how they can use and benefit from having doTERRA in their homes.

❋ Teach regular classes and workshops, from doTERRA 101 Classes to DIY Workshops, I even teach Kids and Yoga Workshops using doTERRA Essential Oils.

❋ Share how I use and love doTERRA online, through my Insights, email and social media.


Why partner with me?

First up, you should work with someone you want to work with.

Now that may not be your best friend, sister or your sister in law’s, partner’s cousin who has your Mum told you you should meet.

It should be someone you think will be a good business partner and mentor.

Someone you think you can learn from and work along side with.

Maybe they are in the situation you want to be in, in a couple of years or months time.

Or maybe they are the total opposite of you which inspires you to look at things in a different light.


You have read my introduction to doTERRA above ⤴︎ and maybe my journey to Yoga here. But here is a little bit more about what makes me tick:

I am all about naturally empowered care of the heart, body and mind. As a Yoga Teacher of almost 5 years I have been learning, applying and teaching this to others through Yoga and in the last couple of years doTERRA Essential Oils. It lights me up to see and hear the changes that occur in people’s lives using these two modalities.

I am young. Yep I said it, still a few years off 30 even. I get asked it all the time and now embrace it. I have done lots and have lots left to do.

I am not new to business, the day I finished my Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 was the day I started my business, first as Aquila Yoga, now Balanced by Aquila.

I thrive being thrown in the deep end (and love working with those who do to, ok if you don’t though). From my early days as a swimming instructor and bushwalking leader to the Army. Arriving at my Yoga Teacher Training with no clue of what my first step after would be. None of that was easy and not always fun, but I learnt so much.

I am ambitious. I am currently undertaking my Phd. Investigating the impact of Airbnb on the Australian housing market. I want to and I will have a successful ‘corporate career’ alongside my Balanced by Aquila. I know each one makes me better at the other.

I have personal experience with long term injury and some lingering illness and plus the experience of overcoming them. This has created a strong resilience in me.

I have a diverse background, from swimming instructor and bushwalking leader, Australian Army Officer in Training to now Phd Scholar, Yoga Teacher, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Business Owner, with some work for State and Local Government in between all of that. I have done plenty in my short years and am ready for plenty more.

I am an introverted extrovert, a learner, leader and a thinker. I love being out in front of people teaching but I need it balanced with plenty of time with just me. I almost always have a book in my bag and really don’t like parties.

I am an example of what it is to do this doTERRA business as a multi-passionate with a full plate and love it.

In addition to having access to my oils at all times, I have three non-negotiables everyday:

  1. Move & Meditate.

  2. Hang with my guys, Zach & Percy 🐰

  3. Read for fun.

❋ Here are some snippets of life and business from Instagram…


Now you might read all this and go ah-no she is not the one I want to work with. Maybe contact my business partner, sister and new Mum, Miriam instead, she is a little similar but also a little different. If you like the sound of working with me though, whether it is because you relate or not, read on to consider doTERRA.


Why Partner with DoTERRA?

Oh there are sooooo many reasons but let’s just start with a few…

Source to You

doTERRA has the best oils in the business by far, every batch is tested and each single oils results can be viewed by anyone online.

Co-Impact Sourcing

All of doTERRA’s products are ethically and sustainably sourced. doTERRA works directly with the community with no middle men involved to ensure working conditions are appropriate and the community is thriving producing these oils. Just as we do in the sales side of doTERRA.

Free Customer Support

As well as everything doTERRA provides, as a doTERRA Customer or doTERRA Business Owner with me you receive my team’s welcome emails, an Essential Oil app and 90 day wellness plan created with you, I have put together a really great list of resources to start with, check out the Insights Article, I Have My Oils, Now What?

Free Business Training

This includes all of doTERRA’s Empowered Success Resources, created in collaboration with and used by the best of the best doTERRRA Leaders, 1:1 Mentoring with me, group training with our broader team leaders. You will have access to this at any time once you have become a doTERRA Customer in our Balanced by Aquila Community.

❋ Gain Time Freedom

Set your own hours and work from where you want to. You won’t be able to build this business on social media alone, these oils need to be shared face to face but you and there will be some long and challenging days. But at the end of the day they are your days, your hours, sharing the love you will have for these little bottles and the difference they make to lives just like they have in yours. And you will be compensated for it, well. This is your pathway to residual income and financial freedom ⤵︎

doTERRA’s Compensation Plan

Partially pictured, is explained further in the Empowered Success Build Guide and I will walk you trough this when we meet. Yep, doTERRA is Network Marketing, a form of direct sales (not the same thing as a pyramid scheme by the way). Why network marketing? Because the founders wanted this business to be about community, to grow from and into homes. To benefit women in particular (but really anyone) who wants to share the oils with their family and beyond. But it is one of the best comp plans out there and bonuses are based on you doing the work. No sitting back here, it is truly a team effort to create financial freedom.

Customer Focus

Another way that makes doTERRA different from other Network Marketing is that doTERRA has a customer focus. This starts with the type of account I recommend everyone start with. My team is mostly customers and sharers who love their oils as Yoga Teachers, Yoga Students, School Teachers and Mums. doTERRA has an average customer retention rate of 65% well above the average industry retention rate between 10-20%. This means our doTERRA Customers love their products and continue to order. It is not about big first orders, it is not about recruiting everyone to do the business. I only want to partner with people who actually want to share these oils as a business. Everyone else I would love to serve you as a happy oil customer, and for that you can head here.

doterra income-earning wellness advocate

Step 1: Order your home essentials Kit today

1. Click on this link

2. Select Join and Save.

3. Choose the country you reside in and select your language.

4. Select ‘Local.'

5. Choose ‘Wholesale Customer’, unless you want to start the business right this minutes, in that case, choose ‘Wellness Advocate’. You can switch to a Wellness Advocate at any time this just is just a strategic move to give us some flexibility for your first 90 days. Both accounts will give you access to oils at wholesale prices and an abundance in information.

6. Enter your personal information (including your Australian Business Number if you have one and are setting up a ‘Wellness Advocate’, leave it blank if you don’t have one).

 7. At ‘Enroller ID’, enter my number: 2251676

8. You must enter my number to get my enrolment gift to you, training, oils mentorship, team support and access to the Facebook groups.

9. Then click verify and my name should appear.

10. Set up a password, keep it somewhere safe!

11. Click over to the next page.

12. Select what kit you'd like to order, so you are ready to start your business in the coming months, select the Home Essentials Kit.

13. View totals to calculate cost and any valid promotions will appear.

14. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.


Step 2: Click on to Download & have a read of the following


Step 3: Fill in this form & I’ll be in touch ⤵︎ or ⟶

Name *

Step 4: Check Out Our Resources

The last thing I want for you to have when you receive your oils is that confusion which leads you to leave your brand new Essential Oils in their purple box and not get started with them!

So I have put all our resources for you to with some of my doTERRA FAQs and favourite resources to guide you through the early stages of your Essential Oil use.


Step 5: Start Dreaming Big

Because ordering your first oils is just the beginning!

I can’t wait to begin working with you!


About Me

I’m Laura, the heart and founder of Balanced by Aquila. I’m a multi-passionate, high achiever who discovered Yoga while in the Army recovering from a knee injury. I’m no longer in the Army − instead I’m doing a Phd and running Balanced Aquila. 

Thanks to Yoga and doTERRA Essential Oils, I have a happy and active lifestyle, which includes, Yoga, Pilates, Rock Climbing, Running, Bike Riding and Swimming. I'm also a bookworm!

My mission with Balanced by Aquila, is to empower you to create your naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with Yoga or (and) doTERRA Essential Oils.

I also have a love for website design and offer my Squarespace Website Creation Services to Yoga Teachers and doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

DoTERRA Essential Oils Adelaide Australia