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My Favourite Things & Recommendations

As a small business owner and Phd candidate, my days can be pretty full so I am always on the lookout for things which make it simpler and frees up time to do the things I really love. So below I have listed some of my favourite things which make life a little easier. First there are a few things to note:

  • Some are free and some are available for purchase. 

  • Some of these links are referral links, this means if you purchase through my link the company recognises me financially or with discounted product. In some instances you will also receive a discount.

  • Some of the things listed include a link to an Insights Article where I elaborate further. For some items the article is yet to be written and will appear soon.

  • This page will be updated regularly as I discover new things!

Adelaide Healthy Lifestyle Yoga Essential Oils

Home, Health & Travel

Organic Box SA - Our time saving Organic Fruit & Veg Delivery provider. This one is even Percy approved 🐰

Four Sigmatic - Try Mushroom coffee & receive !0% off your first order. This is my go to coffee choice when travelling & I keep some stashed in my work desk draw.

Spotify - My Spotify Playlists for Yoga, chill, work, working out!

Adore Your Cycle - Understanding your menstrual cycle with Claire Baker and the magic this new awareness can bring.

Natural Cycles - I choose to track my cycle using Natural Cycles in addition to Claire Baker’s Adore Your Cycle practises.

Who Gives A Crap - I order our toilet paper, tissues and paper towel from this amazing company. The company is ethical and sustainable plus delivery is free for over $30 in order super quick and I save money buying in bulk. Use my link to receive $10 off your first order.

The Vertue Method - Yoga should not be the only movement we do. Shona Vertue’s, Vertue Method is the current weight training program I follow.

Clarity - My favourite place in Adelaide for my monthly massage. I even take my own doTERRA AromaTouch to be used during my treatment.


Essential Oils

doTERRA Essential Oils - Don’t have access to your own doTERRA Wholesale Account yet? Set one up with me & receive 25% off your Oils, my welcome pack, free & discounted workshops & on going support, whether you are local to Adelaide or Berlin!

I have my Oils, now what? - A Guide to LRP & my favourite resources.

doTERRA Business - To work with me get in touch, an Insights Article coming soon.

AromaBottles - Get 10% off at my favourite site for top quality Essential Oil amber glassware.

droplii - My customers all receive this free when they purchase oils with me, but if you would like to purchase your own droplii app, highly recommended if you are building a doTERRA business so you can gift to customers too. Use this link.

Diffusional Aromatherapy - For Essential Oil Books & Accessories. I love the accessory tops for doTERRA’s 5 & 15ml bottles (spray, pump & roller tops).

Essential Oil Classes & Workshops - Find out about my next class or workshop in Adelaide, or enquire about me visiting you anywhere in Australia in person or overseas via video call.

Adelaide Healthy Lifestyle Yoga Essential Oils
Yoga Adelaide Tea Tree Gully Golden Grove

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga - Practice Yoga with me at home.

1:1 Yoga Mentoring - For those wanting to take Yoga classes privately with me, you might not be able to find a class to fit your schedule, prefer the 1:1 environment to dive deeper into Yoga or use 1:1 Yoga mentoring as part of recovery from injury or illness.

Meditones by Sonesense - These binaural beats have been so healing for me I became a Meditones Ambassador this year. Read more about Meditones in my Insights Article.

My Yoga Spotify Playlists - Flow with my Yoga tunes at home.

Choosing a Yoga Mat - I wrote an article on this for you.

Glo - Yoga, Meditation & Pilates at home.


Business & Productivity Tools

doTERRA Essential Oils for Focus & Productivity - An Insights Article coming soon.

Be Focussed Timer Pro - Set your work & rest time intervals, including how often you will have a long break. Then work until it beeps. I use the Mac & iPhone App.

My Focus Playlist on Spotify - Tune in & make it happen.

Binaural App - Select your own frequency of binaural beats to focus with.

Squarespace - My website builder which I can build for you! Yep I offer website building services to Yoga Business Owners & doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

Acuity - The booking system I use for all classes, workshops & appointments for Balanced by Aquila. It seamlessly integrates with Squarespace.

Convert Kit - This is the emailing platform I use to keep in touch with my email lists for Yoga & Essential Oils.

Google Drive - I am a huge fan of Google G-Suite. I use Google Drive & Google Docs to collaborate with others, back up & store my work when I am on the go.

Zoom - For all video calls & interviews.

Adelaide Healthy Lifestyle Yoga doTERRA Essential Oils
Adelaide Healthy Lifestyle Yoga doTERRA Essential Oils

Personal & Professional Development

GYYB - AKA Growing Your Yoga Biz with Amy McDonald is the best business training for Yoga teachers going around! I learn more about the course and my experience working with Amy here.

7 Things I Do When I feel Drained - Some easy tips from my tool kit for you to try next time you need a recharge.

My Bookshelf - Coming soon.

More coming soon…