Oil Pulling have you tried it?

Or maybe this is the first you are hearing of it. I have been Oil Pulling almost as long as how long as I have been practicing Yoga. It is an Ayurvedic practice that many Yoga practitioners do every morning when they wake. It is also something many people in the doTERRA Essential Oil Community have adopted due to the benefits of this ancient Indian practice.

How does it work?

Using a carrier oil, typically coconut or sesame oil you swish the oil around your mouth to pull bacteria away from the gums and teeth. You then spit the oil in the rubbish bin. To super power my oil pulling I add a drop of doTERRA Essential Oil to the carrier oil. When I am at home I usually alternate day to day between Clove and Smart and Sassy. Clove has amazing properties for oral health and Smart and Sassy gives me an instant wake up and leaves me feeling very fresh. When I am travelling or feeling like I am getting unwell, I use a drop on On Guard for its extra protective properties.

Oil Pulling with doTERRA Essential Oils

What are the benefits?

Oil Pulling is said to have numerous benefits, I choose to Oil Pull everyday for the following reasons:

  • Reduce bacteria

  • Helped keep infection lower when my tonsils were an issues

  • Reduce sinus issues

  • Whiter teeth

  • Fresh breath

How to Oil Pull:

  1. Tongue Scrape - this is such a simple thing to add to your morning and to prep your mouth for oil pulling. When you see what comes off your tongue you won’t go back! This is the tongue scraper I use. *

  2. Floss - we all know we should but don’t do this enough. I use the floss to clear the teeth prior to oil pulling to maximise the benefits. This is the plastic free floss I use. *

  3. Rinse mouth with water.

  4. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil or sesame oil and add a drop of essential oil.

  5. Swish around your mouth for 10-20 minutes. While I am swishing I:

    • Get into my Yoga clothes.

    • Make my bed (if Z isn’t in it, but I am normally up first).

    • Pop the kettle on.

    • Feed Percy.

    • Roll out my Yoga mat or grab my gear for Pilates/Yoga Class if I’m heading out.

    • Make my doTERRA Lemon Tea.

    • Make a small cup of warm salty water for step 6, a pinch of high quality salt stirred into warm water.

  6. Spit out the oil into the bin, not the sink as it can clog it over time. I then swish my mouth around with the salty water, gargle and spit. Drinking the rest, a good electrolyte balancing practice because I am about to move and sweat!

  7. I then move, eat breakfast, take my LLV and clean my teeth when I get to my shower before heading into my day.

Are you ready to start Oil Pulling?

Now for some people I know this might sound like a lot, please Laura, I am barely getting some food into me before I race out the door! I have cultivated my morning routine over a number of years. I have always been an early riser, it was normal for me to wake early even in high school and tackle a 5km run with Sierra (my border collie) before walking to school at 8:15am.

But I have set all this up in baby steps, which I will chat more about in a future Insight. I also know strong morning rituals set me up best for my day ahead. For now, maybe just getting a little pot of coconut oil and an essential oil into the bathroom is enough to start with, along with setting the alarm just 10 minutes early to fit this in and as you begin to do this I’d encourage you to also jump into bed 10 minutes earlier too.

Purchase Essential Oils

As with any of my recipes on my website, they are only intended to be used with doTERRA Essential Oils purchased directly from doTERRA (please don’t by unregulated oils from eBay or Amazon). To purchase essential oils and receive 20% off your starter kit, plus a special welcome gift from me, head over this way and use my number in your purchase.

*I am not an affiliate with Flora and Fauna (as much as I’d love to be), so these are just links to where I purchase these products from, with a company I love.

doTERRA Essential Oils DIY Oil Pulling