My Yoga Story ~ 10 Years Since Year 12

I finished at King’s in 2009 and it’s now 10 years out. In this time I’ve studied at four different universities, joined the Army, become a Yoga Teacher, started my own business and commenced a PhD. This was not at all what I had in mind when I finished Year 12! How did all this happen?

Grasshopper Pose, Maksikanagasana in Sanskrit

Grasshopper Pose, Maksikanagasana in Sanskrit

After a year of Human Movement at UniSA and a little Army Reserve Training, I decided to join the Army full-time at the Australian Defence Force Academy. There I undertook my undergraduate studies in Politics, International Relations and Geography, while training to become an Army Officer. This, however, ended a lot sooner than I anticipated with a knee injury, chronic pain and severe anxiety. It was through rehabilitation of my knee injury and searching for something to ease my pain and anxiety, that I began Yoga and dedicated myself more fully to my academic studies.

At the end of 2013 when I left the Army, I committed to a daily Yoga practice. My Yoga practice quickly became vital to my mental and physical health through a very tough year of writing my Honours Thesis at Adelaide Uni. On the same weekend I completed my Honours Thesis I also became a Yoga Teacher. Undertaking my Yoga Teacher training was initially just to deepen my own practice but as with many passions, once we really dive deeper we cannot resist sharing it with others. So in late 2014, I founded my business teaching Yoga, Balanced by Aquila, empowering others to transform their heart, body and mind, just like I did mine.

So why Yoga? Why was it Yoga that transformed my health and empowered me? Firstly, it was just something to do off the Army base, that would also double as rehab for my knee outside of the gym. Over time, Yoga gave me the opportunity to connect back with my body and tune inward rather than attempting to drown out the pain and anxiety. Through Vinyasa Flow Yoga, I was able to move in a way that made me feel like I had been for a run, something my knee injury had prevented me from doing for over 18 months. Through Yin Yoga I was able to connect with stillness from within, something that had originally seemed elusive to me, managing chronic pain and anxiety under pressure to complete my Politics Degree and return to full Army training.

Yoga has numerous benefits, all of which I have noticed in my body at some point or another. They include:

  • Improved strength

  • Improved joint stability

  • Improved flexibility

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved digestion

  • Increased focus

  • Increased energy

In addition to teaching Yoga, I am halfway through a PhD. I use Yoga to keep me focussed and grounded as well as to receive all the benefits outlined above. As I progress further in my PhD and learn more, my Yoga mat is also a place I can digest everything I am taking in by letting my subconscious work on it or just let it all go.

Yoga helps me experience more growth on and off the mat. Physically and mentally.

Vinyasa Yoga Mawson Lakes Adelaide

I love the opportunity I have, through Balanced by Aquila, to share the benefits of Yoga with others. I do this through small group classes three times a week in Mawson Lakes, a monthly workshop and private Yoga sessions, all while I complete my PhD. If you would like to learn more about the Yoga I teach, please get in touch with me here.

This article was written originally for King’s Horizon’s Old Scholars Magazine published in May 2019 under the title ‘Not What I Expected…’ The full magazine can be viewed here. Only minor amendments have been made for this Insights Article.