My Introduction to doTERRA

doTERRA Essential Oils Lemon Australia

In late 2016 I incorporated doTERRA into my Yoga Teaching Business. I had been a customer of doTERRA’s for a number of years and absolutely loved their products. As I take my business to it’s next level, I thought I would share with you a little about how I came to work with doTERRA.

First a little on doTERRA

doTERRA is now the biggest Essential Oil company in the world, it has over 7 million users, of which 90% are customers! And this isn’t an ever changing group of 7 million users. doTERRA has a 65% retention rate of customers! This is significant in the world of network marketing! It truly shows that doTERRA really has stand out from the crowd products and is a doing business differently. doTERA is also way more than just an Essential Oil Company, it has a wide range of health and non-toxic household products created from nature to serve you.


My introduction to these little bottles of plant magic

In late 2014 I commenced my Yoga Teacher Training and was introduced to the amazing doTERRA Essential Oils. This time marked the end of one of the most emotionally challenging times in my life. Starting on the Friday afternoon, in a whirlwind 48 hour period, I’d…

  • Submitted my Honours Thesis.

  • Gotten on a plane to Canberra.

  • Caught up with Defence Force friends.

  • Had a long term, long distance relationship come to an end.

  • Gotten in a car to travel about 2 hours with someone I’d never met before (this is a massive deal for me as a control freak and very anxious passenger).

All to commence my first 200hour Yoga Teacher training on late Sunday afternoon.

During my training I was dealing with a nasty head cold, the aching of a knee which was still healing since my discharge from the Army 10 months earlier, and skin that I was scratching at due to immune system and stress induced eczema and psoriasis.

This training was not something I was at all feeling ready for or something I was even doing to become a Yoga Teacher. I was just there to deepen my own Yoga practise.


But I Was There

I was there to learn, deepen my own Yoga practice and grow. Plus just happen to be in the right place at the right time to encounter these little bottles of plant magic.

Quickly I was introduced to oils to address each of my needs, my stuffy nose and croaky throat, aching knee and itching skin. Oils to calm and even Lavender Essential Oil to add to make a tea once I’d run out of my tea bags.

I left the Yoga training ready to become a Yoga teacher and so desperate to have doTERRA for myself at home. So without really knowing what I was doing I began purchasing online. Now this was not the smartest, or cheapest way to purchase as it wasn’t through my own Wholesale Account. Don’t worry, you won’t make that mistake.

I began using these oils daily for my own physical and mental health and of those around me. I diffused them in my Yoga classes and massaged them into temples during Savasana in that cozy Saturday 7am Yin Yoga class I taught for a while. I love them (and after a little while someone showed me how to get doTERRA at Wholesale, thank goodness!).

doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate Australia

Fast forward to late 2016

When I taught my first doTERRA class was fun and big, but it was a shambles, I was selling retail (a mistake you won’t make should you work with me).

The point of this though was that I was there, I started, I dove into this new branch of my business. Realising though that selling retail wasn’t so sustainable, I went looking for help, I found a mentor in my bigger doTERRA team that I hadn’t realised existed (yep I really was self taught for two years, exploring the oils on my own). I then found the resources doTERRA provides to us for free to build this business and as my PhD was beginning, I really launched my business.


What’s Involved Today in my doTERRA Business?

I love the work I get to do between Yoga, doTERRA and a newer website creation side of my business.

With doTERRA I:

❋ Use my oils every single day!

❋ Provide support to my customers, answering their questions, providing them with resources and share how I use my oils with them.

❋ Work with people one on one over coffees sharing how they can use and benefit from having doTERRA in their homes.

❋ Teach regular classes and workshops, from doTERRA 101 Classes to DIY Workshops, I even teach Kids and Yoga Workshops using doTERRA Essential Oils.

❋ Share how I use and love doTERRA online, through my Insights, email and social media.

None of this I felt ready for when I first started out but I dove in and went for it. I learnt things and put in consistent effort to improve my business. I was so nervous in my first one on ones and classes just like I was when I taught my first Yoga class!

If you have gotten to the end of reading this and are curious to see if you have what it takes to start your own doTERRA business, I would love to partner with you. I am always wanting to share these oils into new homes, but I am also looking for right now business partners to do what I do.

Hope doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate Australia

I am specifically looking for people who are:

❋ Self starters.

❋ Ready for more in life.

❋ Passionate about and committed to living healthy.

❋ Passionate about and committed to walking their talk.

❋ Don’t think hard work is a dirty word.

❋ Wanting to create their empowered life and share it with others.

If this sounds like you head this way to learn more and complete an enquiry form so we can meet!