Bring the Outdoors In ~ My Garden Diffuser Blend

I honestly never imagined I'd spend my days working at a desk. I do love what I do though even if it means I am in front of a computer most of the day. One thing I love about having indoor plants (real please not fake) and essential oils in my home is that I can bring the outdoors in.

In this Insights Article I am going to share with you one of my favourite blends for this and why I choose each oil.

My Garden Diffuser Blend:



💧💧Clary Sage

Pop these in your diffuser and then settle down to read on.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is the oil of communication, a pretty handy oil to have around when writing an 80,000 word thesis that's for sure! Lavender is also high in the chemical constituent linalool* making Lavender very calming. Great for settling that chattery mind and direct it into focus.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is the oil of transition and knowledge, another one I have been particularly drawn to in the last 6 months. It is also high in linalool, making Rosemary a very relaxing essential oil, but also great for promoting memory.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage is the oil of clarity and vision, it is high in linalyl acetate. Clary Sage is known to be soothing and balancing. Energetically Clary Sage helps individuals see their limiting belief systems. This week I have been fighting a bit with my Phd, I had a break through with my mindset yesterday and I think Clary Sage had a lot to do with that.

Clary Sage and Mindset

In my Phd I am currently taking on a form of modelling that is 3rd or Honours level economic statistics type stuff (maybe beyond..) and you see I don’t have an economics degree. Plus it is on something that has never been done in Australia, there are only a handful of attempts on this worldwide. The learning process and these facts have been filling me with doubt.

Who was I to attempt this? Why even bother? I don’t need mixed methods, my interviews contain plenty of data to finish this Phd.

Then mid-week I reached for my Manuka Touch (the oil of being upheld) rolled that onto my chest and layered on top a drop of Clary Sage. This also prompted me to remove instagram from my phone for my working hours and then after lunch leave my phone on charge in another room. I put on my headphones with binaural music and set my Be Focussed Timer, then got to work (if you are curious about my favourite business and productivity tools check out this page).

Frustrated and exhausted at the end of each day feeling like I just wasn’t getting anywhere. That I had more questions and confusion than answers and the end of each day. You see my mind was too cloudy with some pretty crappy and judgemental self talk to even be able to turn to the normal tools I use to focus.

I know inside that the use of my oils was really a source of the break through. Helping me cut through the confusion and limiting beliefs, allowing me to be open minded enough to reset and refocus to get back into creation mode. Nope my Phd is not in the creative arts but a Phd in any discipline sure does require a lot of creative effort that is for sure!

So My Garden Diffuser Blend, as well as promoting, relaxation, memory and calm, it is giving me a regular top up of Clary Sage to assist in dispelling my limiting beliefs. Really helping to keep me clear minded and creative.

Comment below and let me know once you have tried this blend or comment with your favourite garden blend. Maybe even share it on your socials and tag Balanced by Aquila or use the hashtag #balancedbyaquila

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*yes essential oils do contain chemicals, everything does, you and I included. What do you think H2O is??? I simply choose to swap out substances in my home and life that are harmful, known to be harmful to everybody and the ones I know to be harmful to me.

My little workspace ~ always with a plant and oils diffusing.

My little workspace ~ always with a plant and oils diffusing.