7 Things I Do When I Feel Drained

Some days or week don’t go to plan or are just so full that they can leave you feeling a little drained, anxious or simply frustrated. I share my personal practises regularly on how I stay well and at the top of my game on Instagram and Insights (see my Insights articles on Oil Pulling, Yoga and Diffusing Essential Oils or search this tag naturally empowered for new articles as they are written) but as good as all these practises are, sometimes I still hit the wall, mentally, emotionally and physically.

This might be because I have skimped out on these daily practices, travel, lots of people time (who else is an extroverted-introvert here 🙋🏼‍♀️), a hard PhD day or simply be that Autumn Phase of my cycle (check out Claire Baker’s work if you are curious about this one). Regardless, they all result in the need for some time to reset and rest.

So here I have put together this list of little things I do which help restore, lift my mood and re-energise me. I hope you find one or two here that might help you out when you are feeling drained. Funnily enough these are all things I do throughout my week anyway, but need to become a little more deliberate when I feel drained.

Each of these seven things are beneficial largely because they ask us to pause and to bring us back into the present moment, our breath and our body.


1. Yoga

A given maybe coming from me as a Yoga teacher, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to do when I’m are feeling drained. Sometimes the hardest part is getting to my mat.

My biggest tip here is not to make it too much of a big deal. Roll out your mat as you are & start in Child’s Pose, Balasana. Allow your breath to deepen & some time to tune back into your body. From there move in a way that feels good. If you would like some guidance, start with this.

If Yoga isn’t your thing move gently in your favourite way. When you feel drained & depleted, the gym or a fast run might not be the best idea. Choose something that will help slow you down & connect you back with your body & breath.

Viparita Karani Leg up the Wall

2. Sonesence Meditones by Tahlee Rouillon

Tahlee’s Meditones (particularly, Comfortable in Your Skin) have been unbelievably restorative for me at times when I have felt drained. So much so I became a Meditones Ambassador.

You can often find me legs up the wall, Viparita Karani, with an eye mask & heat pack, on a Wintery Saturday afternoon as I re-coop from the week. I also allow myself, time permitting, to extend this into a nap. If you are falling asleep during meditation or Savasana it means you need more sleep & should be allowing your body to rest.

So get some Meditones into your ears & pair it with legs up the wall, for some whole body restoration.

Pot of Tea

3. Tea & Dark Chocolate

I love coffee but when I am feeling drained, particularly if it’s a bi-product of anxiety, it is time to skip the afternoon coffee & instead opt for some tea & good dark chocolate.

Variations of White and Jasmine Tea or a doTERRA Essential Oil Tea paired with Pana Chocolate are my favourites!

When travelling I always have my Joco (reusable) Cup, Lavender Oil and a block of Pana in my bag so all I need to do when I need some time out with something familiar, is add is a little hot water.


4. Playing with Percy

Ok well, I am not saying you can invite yourself over here to hang with Percy, but if you have a have a furry friend (known as a #phdpet in some of my Instagram circles) take a break & hang with them.

He is always up for a hang & a nose rub.

Our pets really know how to live in the present moment, which is where life is. We have a lot to learn from them.


5. Read an Actual Book for Fun

I sometimes really don’t feel like it especially if I’ve been at my desk all day but reading seriously slows my mind down & helps me unwind. If I’m feeling too wired but really need to sleep, it will also settle me down so I am ready to sleep.

Now sometimes it can be tough to get into a book, my rule of thumb for the magic of a good bundle of pages which you can hold in your hand and sniff (yep I’m one of those) is about 30 pages or a third of the way in. So give yourself time with this one, especially if you have taken a break from reading or never really been into it.

I’ll share more about what I am reading soon here on my virtual bookshelf.


6. Get Outside

Sometimes curling up in bed after some legs up the wall is what we need & sometimes it is some fresh air in our lungs. This is especially the case in Winter when our workplace & homes are shut up so much! Start with just a walk around your block and take it a little further if you are enjoying it.

doTERRA Cheer Essential Oil

Last but not least, I use my doTERRA Essential Oils. I sniff them from the bottle or my hands, I apply them from the bottle & massage some into my hair, I make a Lavender or Peppermint Oil tea, I diffuse them. I do what I can depending on where I am to get these these volatile aromatic plant compounds to my brain!

If I am feeling drained but need to get back in the game, I use a citrus oil like Cheer and Peppermint to perk me back up.

If I have the opportunity to rest I am drawn to tree, herb and florals. Particularly, Forgive, Console, Rose and AromaTouch, all of which I have in a roller bottle to apply with minimal effort.

Don’t have your own doTERRA Essential Oils yet? Learn more about purchasing them here. My advice on oils is only ever intended to be applied using doTERRA.