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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice of philosophy, science, lifestyle, and physical movements originating in India and the Himalayas. Yoga was originally taught and passed down from teacher to student verbally, and was later written in approximately 400 CE by Patanjali in the ancient Sanskrit language. You is predominantly known in the west as Asana and Pranayama, just two of the eight limbs of Yoga. Asanas are the physical poses or postures adopted during a yoga class. Asana also means seat or connection to the earth, which these positions are designed to do - to make you feel at one with nature's elements. Pranayama is breath control or breathing exercises, which are traditionally practiced at the beginning and the end of a yoga practice, as well as during meditation.


What styles of Yoga do you teach in Adelaide?

You can read all about the Yoga on offer with Balanced by Aquila here.

Where are Balanced by Aquila Yoga classes held in Mawson Lakes?

Classes are located in the Equity Flare Offices at Unit 1/3 Park Way, Mawson Lakes SA 5095.

How much are your Yoga Classes in Mawson Lakes?

You can view costs at the bottom of the Yoga page.

Where can I see your Yoga Timetable for Mawson Lakes?

Check out the current timetable and class offerings here, ready to book? Head straight to the bookings page.

What should I bring to Yoga?

A willing attitude, a towel, drink bottle and a Yoga mat (mats are not provided). 


What should I wear to a Yoga class?

Wear comfortable work out clothing. If it is cool wear some light layers. Some people prefer to wear socks while doing Yoga but you may find the mat slippery with them on.


What should I expect in my first Yoga class?

Balanced by Aquila Yoga classes are open to all levels and will therefore, be a mix of regular students and new students in each class. It is best not to have a full meal within two hours of a class. Check out this page for some information on each style of yoga taught at Balanced by Aquila.


Can I do Yoga even if I am not flexible?

There is no need to be flexible to start Yoga. Increased flexibility and mobility is a very small part of yoga. Everyone needs to start from somewhere!


Could there be a medical condition that prevents me from participating in Yoga?

As is the case with starting any new physical exercise program it is important to first consult your doctor, physio or another health professional if you have any issues or concerns. Please alert your teacher of any illness or condition that may affect your ability to safely participate in your Yoga class. They can recommend modifications to suit or which postures to avoid to help you to participate safely in your yoga class. Depending on the type of injury or illness you are looking after you may be asked to provide a medical clearance before you commence classes.


Do you offer workplace Yoga?

Yes, I do! Plus Family, Kids, Private and Yoga for Sporting teams! Reach out via this link with some details on your requirements and I can provide you with a quote. 


doTERRA Essential Oils

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils put simply, are the natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants for their health benefits. And doTERRA has the best of them! The most potent and pure going around.

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How can I do what you do and create financial freedom while empowering the health and wellbeing of others with doTERRA?

First we get the oils in your hands! Then we chat about the business side of things specifically if it is a good match for you. Contact me here or head this way to get the ball rolling.


Can I buy doterra essential oils with you if i am not in Adelaide or even australia?

Yes! Of course! If you are ready to purchase click here. If you would like a FREE personal Wellness Consultation click here.

My question isn't here, how can I contact you?

Head over this way to Contact Laura

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