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Sunday 20th October 12:30pm - 3:00pm

At Minestra, Prospect

Ready to try out doTERRA Essential Oils?

Meet me for coffee at Minestra, Prospect for a personal consultation, test out the top 10 oils and the opportunity to purchase any of the oils you love!

Already have doTERRA Essential Oils which you have purchased through me? I also have doTERRA Lifestyle and Membership Overviews available for you to book.

Know you want oils already?

Follow the instructions to below to purchase your oils now and then go ahead and book your doTERRA Lifestyle and Membership Overview, just one of your gifts when you join with me. Plus order online on or before the 15th of October and you will receive the following oils free.


A Step by Step Guide to How to Purchase the

Highest Quality Essential Oils for Your Family & Home

  1. Choose Your Kit!

These are the two most popular doTERRA Starter Kits as they have you covered for most day to day needs, but you can scroll down to view more. Plus both have you eligible to receive

  • The Homes Essentials Kit $330 - This kit includes wholesale access, the top 10 oils & a diffuser, over $450 worth of products.

  • The Natural Solutions Kit $635 - This kit includes wholesale access, the top 10 but 18 other doTERRA Oils & products. Including a cute wooden container to store your oils and a diffuser! This is over $800 worth of products. You will also receive 100 rewards points credited to your account for free!

To find out which kit will best suit your needs meet me for a doTERRA Coffee Catch up or if you know what you want, read below for the full instructions!

Your Kit will also come with the following Balanced by Aquila Gifts & Resources:

  • 25% off doTERRA Essential Oils

  • Wild Orange 5ml

  • Essential Oil Container to begin DIY

  • Welcome Emails

  • Birthday Gift via snail mail

  • Our Team Essential Oil App

  • VIP Facebook Group

  • Membership & Lifestyle Overview


2. Read this Important info about your doterra account

  • There is no monthly minimum order requirements.

  • There is no requirement to share the oils or do the business.

  • You will receive access to an interactive private Facebook group.

  • You will receive access to our team website which contains an abundance of resources, contributed to by Nutritionists, Naturopathic Doctors, Yoga Teachers and other Health Professionals including our wider doTERRA team leaders.

  • If you start with a kit your $35 membership fee will be waived.


3. Purchase Your Essential Oils at My Price

1. Select 'buy oils today' box below or follow this link:

2. Click Join and Save.

3. Choose the country you reside in and select your language.

4. Select ‘Local.'

5. Choose 'Wellness Advocate' if you want to sign others up and earn income or select ‘Wholesale Customer’ if you just want to start with oils (don’t worry you can switch to a Wellness Advocate at any time). Both accounts will give you access to oils at wholesale prices and an abundance in information.

6. Enter your personal information (including your Australian Business Number if you have one and are setting up a ‘Wellness Advocate’, leave it blank if you don’t have one).


7. At ‘Enroller ID’, enter my number: 2251676

8. You must enter my number to get my enrolment gift to you, training, oils mentorship, team support and access to the Facebook groups.

9. Then click verify and my name should appear.

10. Set up a password, keep it somewhere safe!

11. Click over to the next page.

12. Select what kit you'd like to order or create your custom order and click the '$35 introductory packet' (this is your membership fee but is waived when you start with a kit). Scroll along with the arrows and more kits will appear!

13. View totals to calculate cost and any valid promotions will appear.

14. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.


What Exactly are Essential Oils?

Essential oils put simply, are the natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants for their health benefits. And doTERRA has the best of them! The most potent and pure going around.

doTERRA Essential Oils can be used to support physical and emotional wellbeing and there is an oil for everything! Please don’t limit your thinking that they are just little bottles of nice smelling things to lift your mood, doTERRA truly is a holistic health and wellness company with a range of products and supplements to support your health. I honestly rarely ever have anti inflammatory medicine or pain killers on me these days as I have my Essential Oils as my first resource day to day. And this is coming from someone who had a 'Mary Poppins Bag' with something for everything, particularly for pain from my old Army & sports injuries.

They are powerhouse substances here to benefit you!

Have some questions? Get in touch with me today to book your free personal consultation over the phone or a coffee! Feeling independent and ready to buy oils right now?! Head over this way for instructions on placing an order for your very own doTERRA Wholesale Customer Account.