What Is A BOGO?

BOGO stands for Buy One doTERRA Essential Oil & Get One doTERRA Essential Oil FREE!


Who Can Participate In DoTerra BOGOs?

Anyone with a doTERRA Wholesale or Wellness Advocate Account.

Don’t have a doTERRA Account? Pop your email over here and I will be in touch ⟶

Would You Like To Receive Daily BOGO Email Updates?

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Would You Like To Be Part Of A BOGO Facebook Group?

Join us in Curious About Oils. You will need to be one of my existing customers or without your own doTERRA account to join this group.


How Do BOGOs Work?

  • At 7am AEST each day Monday 19th to Friday 23rd August doTERA will release a pair of oils, of on which you buy the other you can get free. You literally add the first oil to your cart and doTERRA will automatically add the free oil as it processes your order!

  • This pair is chosen by doTERRA, you cannot pick your own for example, Monday might be buy Lavender, get Balance free. These oils are of similar value.

  • You must have your own wholesale account to access BOGOs, BOGOs are not available on retail orders.

  • If you have a friend who would like to get started they should either start with a kit (Family Essentials Kit for $174 or Home Essentials Kit $330) plus a BOGO tomorrow! Or a $35 membership and the BOGO. BOGO week is the one time where the $35 membership is as good value as a kit!

  • If your account was opened before this month, you should only be ordering on LRP (if you are a brand newbie this month, your LRP won't be available until next month so order as One Time Orders). This is because you can maximise the value of points by placing BOGO orders that are 50PV plus. You can do this by ordering up to 5 of each BOGO each day, or ordering 2 or so and filling any gaps in PV with small essentials such as Lemon, Lip Balm or Citrus Bliss Hand cream.

  • We recommend you process each BOGO order ASAP in the morning as they often SELL OUT! Order cut off time is 11:59pm AEST.

  • You cannot use your points to purchase BOGOs.

  • Yes you do need to pay for shipping each day, but you actually get that back in points, full points back on LRP Orders and half points back on One Time Orders.

  • Check out this image on how to run a BOGO team and just order once during that week. You just need 5 people who live nearby who each agree they want every BOGO deal. This can be done with fewer numbers but 5 just makes it super simple!

  • Click here if you already have your own doTERRA Wholesale Account.

Please comment contact me ASAP if you have any questions.


A step by step Guide Start your doTERRA Essential Oil Collection during BOGO Week

  1. Choose Your Kit or Create A Custom Order

bogo with your first purchase

These are the two most popular doTERRA Starter Kits as they have you covered for most day to day needs, but you can scroll down to view more.

  • The Homes Essentials Kit $330 - This kit includes wholesale access, the top 10 oils & a diffuser, over $450 worth of products.

  • The Family Essentials Kit $174 - This kit includes wholesale access, the top 10 oils in mini 5ml bottles & a 15ml bottle of Smart & Sassy, over $250 worth of products.

  • Custom Order $35 - This kit includes wholesale access and any additional oils you choose to add to the order at Wholesale Cost.

Your Kit will also come with the following Balanced by Aquila Gifts & Resources:

  • 25% off doTERRA Essential Oils

  • Wild Orange 5ml - when purchased directly from me

  • Essential Oil Container to begin DIY - when purchased directly from me

  • Welcome Emails

  • Birthday Gift via snail mail

  • Our Team Essential Oil App

  • VIP Facebook Group

  • Membership & Lifestyle Overview

  • Any special gifts any of my sharers or builders offer to new customers.


2. Read this Important info about your doterra account

  • There is no monthly minimum order requirements.

  • There is no requirement to share the oils or do the business.

  • You will receive access to an interactive private Facebook group.

  • You will receive access to our team website which contains an abundance of resources, contributed to by a range of health professionals and doTERRA Wellness Advocates.

  • If you start with a kit your $35 membership fee will be waived.


3. Purchase Your Essential Oils at My Price with BOGOS

1. Select 'buy oils' box above or follow this link:

2. Click Join and Save.

3. Choose the country you reside in and select your language.

4. Select ‘Local.'

5. Choose 'Wellness Advocate' if you want to sign others up and earn income or select ‘Wholesale Customer’ if you just want to start with oils (don’t worry you can switch to a Wellness Advocate at any time). Both accounts will give you access to oils at wholesale prices and an abundance in information.

6. Enter your personal information (including your Australian Business Number if you have one and are setting up a ‘Wellness Advocate’, leave it blank if you don’t have one).

7. At ‘Enroller ID’, enter my number: 2251676

 8. You must enter my number to get my enrolment gift to you, training, oils mentorship, team support and access to the Facebook groups.

9. Then click verify and my name should appear.

10. Set up a password, keep it somewhere safe!

11. Click over to the next page.

12. Select what kit you'd like to order or create your custom order and click the '$35 introductory packet' (this is your membership fee but is waived when you start with a kit). Scroll along with the arrows and more kits will appear!

13. For BOGO week add the first oil (the one you pay for) and the second one will appear as you process.

14. View totals to calculate cost and any valid promotions will appear.

15. Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.


How to BOGO with your DoTERRA Wholesale Account

doterra bogos

Log in

  • Head to

  • Click Log In which can be found in the top right and enter your ID # and password.

  • Choose if you want to place an LRP order or a One-Time Order.

Note: LRP is the monthly ordering program, and you will receive 100% of your shipping cost back in points by placing this way. I only ever buy on LRP. This is how you get free oils! For more info on LRP check this page out.

Helpful BOGO Resources:


For LRP Orders

  1. If ordering as an LRP order instead of a standard order, click the purple bar that says Create New Loyalty Order (or you can EDIT the template you already have in place by clicking the Edit button first).

  2. If setting up for the first time, you’ll need to select a date and click the purple bar under the calendars that says Save Date and Shop. This is a recurring monthly order. *You can select any date, but you will be actually be processing this order immediately. (Note: You can change the date you select for the future and edit your order at any time. If you are setting this up for the first time, please reach out to your enroller or to customer service to understand the awesomeness of LRP and how it works).

  3. Next pictures of products will appear in categories. Find the product that is the BOGO Deal of the Day (not the free one).

  4. Choose your quantity and click ADD.

  5. When you are finished, you should see a little shopping cart button in the top right-hand corner.

  6. Hover over it or click it to Review Loyalty order.

  7. Make sure your shipping choice is correct and add in your payment details. These will be saved for next time.

  8. Click Review and Process Today. Double check everything and process. Your free oil should appear after you process.

  9. Check your email after about 20 minutes to ensure your order processed.

  10. Head to our Balanced by Aquila ~ Oils Facebook Group to enter your order in the BOGO Week Prize Draw!

*If by chance you have created a second LRP that you do not want to process next month, you should immediately go back into your account, click Edit on that specific LRP order, and you should the option under the process date to cancel it. If you edited your primary LRP, make sure to go back in and edit and save with the products you would like to receive in December.

**Order over 50PV to earn product points in addition to shipping points on your LRP. Either buy two BOGOS or add another oil to make up the difference in PV. I like to add things like citrus oils I use daily, the lip balm or hand cream to use as gifts.

For One Time Orders

  1. If you chose a One-Time Order, click on the yellow bar that says Create New One-Time Order

  2. Look under the product listing of pictures to find the product included in the BOGO Daily Deal.

  3. Click on it and select your quantity and click Add.

  4. When you are finished, you should see a little shopping cart button in the top right-hand corner.

  5. Hover over it or click it to Review One-Time Order. Make sure all your information is correct including shipping choice.

  6. When done, click Proceed to Checkout and follow instructions. Your free oil should appear after you process.

  7. Check your email after about 20 minutes to ensure your order processed.

  8. Head to our Balanced by Aquila ~ Oils Facebook Group to enter your order in the BOGO Week Prize Draw!

Visit doTERRA for full BOGO Ts&Cs.


Please note that those at Balanced by Aquila are not licensed physicians and cannot make disease claims. This information is not intended to be provided to diagnose or prescribe. You are responsible for any application of the information provided on this website.