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A doTERRA Essential Oil Workshop for Winter

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I couldn’t count on two hands how many cancellations I’ve had at Yoga this Winter due to illness.

Sick parents, sick kids, sick Yogis! It has felt like a long and rough Winter.

Not to mention just feeling low and like you would rather be a bear in hibernation!

This is less than ideal!

But what if I told you there was an alternative to these Winter blues?

And that they come in the form of little bottles of plant power!

Allow me to pop into your inbox every day for seven days during August to learn about Beating the Winter Blues with doTERRA Essential Oils.


What to expect at this Beating the Winter Blues Essential Oil Workshop?

  • You will be introduced what Essential Oils are and to the top doTERRA Oils to keep you well through the remainder of Winter.

  • Open each email to be entered into the draw to win a Beating the Winter Blues Essential Oil Pack.

  • You will have the opportunity to place an order, with your welcome pack sent to you in the mail.

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Eh, I already receive so many emails…

how do I know these are for me?

Are you a little bit over Winter and the blues and bugs it brings along with it?

Are you after safe and natural products to help protect your family?

Would you like to learn tips and tricks using natural and affordable products to stay well during Winter and all year round?

If you answered yes to any of these, this email series is for you!

Why I choose doTERRA...

Plant magic − these little bottles have accompanied me since my Yoga Teacher Training. In the past I had dabbled with essential oils and aromatherapy but never experienced the quality or potency that doTERRA Essential Oils offer.

My passion for these oils grew and grew as they supported my mental and physical wellbeing. I began by sharing them with my family and some friend here and there but it was in early 2016, after a few years of use that I dove in and allowed them to transform not only my health and began sharing beyond my little circle.

So here I am in front of you, inviting you to reach out and try one of these little bottles for your very own transformation.

So, what exactly are Essential Oils?

We will cover this in the Workshop but, put simple, Essential Oils, are the natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants for their health benefits. And doTERRA has the best of them! The most potent and pure going around.

doTERRA Essential Oils can be used to support physical and emotional wellbeing and there is an oil for everything! These are not just little bottles that smell great! They are powerhouse substances here to benefit you! I honestly rarely ever have anti inflammatory medicine or pain killers on me these days as I have my Essential Oils as my first resource day to day. And this is coming from someone who had a 'Mary Poppins Bag' with something for everything, particularly for pain from my old Army & sports injuries.

Have some questions or want to jump straight into purchasing?

Get in touch with me today to book your free personal consultation over the phone or a coffee! Feeling independent and ready to buy oils right now?! Head over this way for instructions on placing an order for your very own doTERRA Wholesale Customer Account.

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About Me

I’m Laura, the heart and founder of Balanced by Aquila, doTERRA Wellness Advocate and Yoga Teacher. I’m a multi-passionate, high achiever who discovered Yoga while in the Army recovering from a knee injury. I’m no longer in the Army − instead I’m doing a Phd and running Balanced Aquila. 

Thanks to Yoga and doTERRA Essential Oils, I have a happy and active lifestyle, which includes, Yoga, Pilates, Rock Climbing, Running, Bike Riding and Swimming. I'm also a bookworm!

My mission with Balanced by Aquila, is to empower you to create your naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with Yoga or (and) doTERRA Essential Oils.