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About Me

I’m Laura, the heart and founder of Balanced by Aquila. I’m a multi-passionate, high achiever who discovered Yoga while in the Army recovering from a knee injury. I’m no longer in the Army − instead I’m doing a Phd and running Balanced Aquila. 

Thanks to Yoga and doTERRA Essential Oils, I have a happy and active lifestyle, I move in someway everyday with my favourites being Yoga, Rock Climbing and Running. I'm also a bookworm!

My mission with Balanced by Aquila, is to empower you to create your naturally healthy, heart, body and mind, with Yoga or (and) doTERRA Essential Oils.

For the health and wellness business owners reading this, I can also help you do the same. I create unique Squarespace Websites for businesses just like mine so they can achieve their mission.

My business’ name − Balanced by Aquila, stems from two areas:

  • Balanced - something we are all seeking in today’s fast paced life and the name of the first doTERRA Essential Oil blend I was introduced to.

  • Aquila - after the Aquila Constellation, which can be seen in the Australian skies from July until September. Aquila is Latin and translates to eagle, which is pictured in the Balanced by Aquila logo and a predominant character in the history of Yoga. The idea of naming my yoga business after a constellation, came from her Grandpa’s sail boat names, which were all based on constellations.

You can find me teaching Yoga in Mawson Lakes and sharing oils wherever I can. Follow along on Facebook and Instagram to take a peak inside how I myself live my mission of empowerment with Percy my Yoga Bunny.

I share regularly about Yoga, Essential Oils and living an empowered life through Insights, this is my blog and you will never miss another if you would like to add yourself to the list below.



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Please note that between the 30th September and 15th October I will be taking a break and will not be responding to contact form submissions. Please send your question through and I look forward to getting back to you when I return.

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